My writing

In my fiction I am lucky enought to be able to engage in my favorite activities of research and writing and to indulge in my fascination with English history and my love of mysteries of all kinds, including murder mysteries. It is my hope that my readers will get as much enjoyment out of reading my books, as I have writing them.

I am currently working on several series. One is a Medieval mystery series featuring a young and very reluctant monk, of which the first volume will be published this spring, and the second some time during the last half of this year. Legend Falls is a YA series, taking place in a small town that hides some dark secrets going back many years.

Some time during this year I will also publish a novel spanning the centuries from before the Romans came to Britain to the current time, where the main protagonist is a place, rather than a person. The Roman period in England is another epoch I find very fascinating.

In addition I am working on a series of non-fiction books featuring tools, tips and strategies for writers, of which the first book will look at how you can make the most of Evernote as a writer.


I read voraciously, and I am heavily indebted to the countless authors that inspires my own writing, within a variety of genres. Below are some of my favorite books and writers.

Medieval mysteries

Susanna Gregory‘s series about medieval doctor Matthew Bartholomew is one of my favorite series, it is funny and complex and features a cast of unforgettably quirky characters.

Priscilla Royal‘s Medieval Mystery series is another.

Cassandra Clark‘s books featuring the nun Hildegaard takes place in the late 14th century, a turbulent time for England.

And the of course, then there is Ellis Peter’s series about the 12th century monk

Horror and thrillers

Stephen King of course, he keeps delivering. I am especially fond of some of his later works, such as Lisey’s Story and Doctor Sleep, but can also recommend Bag of Bones. In addtion, he has written a very good book about writing, On Writing.

Other Writers

I love the writing of Charles Dickens, with Great Expectations as possibly the one I like best.

Charles de Lint has created a very special world in which mythical figures and humans mingle, and magic is an ever-present part of life.