Writer’s Tools

The first in my series of Writer’s Tools, Evernote for Writers: Streamline Your Writing from Idea to Final Manuscript with Evernote went live on Amazon Monday October 5, 2015. I wrote this book as a direct result of having used Evernote in my own writing process during every phase of the process. I use it to save research information from the net and other sources, brainstorm and generate ideas, outline my writing projects and finally ensure that I cover all the bases during the editing and revision stage. When I found out how versatile this program is and how well it works for me as a writer I decided I had to share this with other writers. In addition to giving an overview of Evernote and how it is works, including the advantage of using tags and the great search functionality, I also give a step-by-step description of how I use the program in every part of my writing.
If you want to take a closer look at Evernote for Writers you can find it here.

This is the first volume in a series that looks at various aspects of writing. So far I have planned a volume on generating and working with ideas, and one on time management for busy writers. These books are scheduled to come out in 2016.