The Liber Omni series features a young monk in Medieval England. Exiled against his will to a small wind-swept island off the coast of north-east England where he struggles to find his place within a life he has no desire for, Brother Ardwyn is angry and bitter. More than anything he wants to find some way to leave, but as the days grow shorter and winter approaches he finds himself hunting, and being hunted by a ruthless killer who is hiding among the small community of monks.

Darkness on Earth is a series of novels telling about the plague in England in the late 1340s and some of the people who experieced it. Book one in the series is Jain´s Story. When the plague comes to a small village in the English forest it wipes out everyone, except young Jain who has to go out into the world and fight to stay alive in a world tunred upside-down.

Nemeton. Somewhere in North-Yorkshire there is a place that hides a secret, at secret that has lived for centuries and that is still alive. From the time of the Roman invastion to the current day people who have come too close to this place have paid the price.

Legend Falls is a YA series. The young sisters Cass and Cali leave their home after the tragic death of their mother and end up in Legend Falls, a small town close to the Canadian border. It was marked on an old map of their mother´s that they found after her death, and they decided that they might as well go ther are anywhere else. They have never been there before, and have no connection to this town, or do they? At first things seem normal, as they struggle to get over their loss and settle into their new life, but then things start happening. Soon Cass is on her own, fighting against something that is after her, something old an evil which has been waiting for her.