Autumn of Despair

2014-08-31 09.12.10

The year is 1262. The times are unruly in England, with a group of the barons opposing what they see as the king´s tyrrany, and viewing for power.

On an island off the coast of North Yorkshire a small community of monks are preparing for the trials of the coming winter. Among them is Brother Ardwyn, a newly ordained monk who has been exiled there for his crime, and who has no wish to be there at all. The struggle for power and position is far away, and does not disturb the simple life on the island, but when a unexpected death takes place, the quiet community is disturbed. When Ardwyn begins to suspect that the death may not have been an accident, he must face the possibility that there is a killer among them, a killer that can, and does, strike again. Armed with a tenacity that has got him in trouble before, Ardwyn decides to find the killer and unravel the mystery of the dead monk´s actions just before his death. But before he can make much progess, death strikes again.