The soul, or power of a place, it is a myth, or is it really possible that some places has an energy completely their own, an energy that can last through time? Across the centuries several fates are linked by such a place, a place of dark secrets that spells tragedy to those who stumble upon it.
221 A.D. A roman legionair who is part of a scouting mission, taking them into what is enemy territory, comes across a strange scene in the night. 18 years later, his son, also a soldier, is determined to find out what happened to his father all those years earlier, so that he can clear the stain of shame from his name and reinstate his father´s honour.
1841. Having made a fortune from his steel factories Edgar Hereford Rich comissions the building of a new house in the hilly landscape of North Yorkshire, close to where he grew up in poverty. Intending it to be a second home for him and his young wife, he hopes that in time it will turn into a much cherished place to raise the children he dreams of. But his dreams are destined to remain only that, as the place where he has built his house demands its price.
1994 and a young couple who are dealing with a tragic loss find what they think is their dream house, but soon the dream turns into a nightmare.