Darkness on Earth

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When the plague came to England in the late 1340s it left behind death, devastation and suffering, and a society that had been irrevocably altered. There are no definite numbers but it is estimated that somewhere between 30 and 60 % of the English population died from the plague. In England, which at the time had somewhere in the range of 3 to 7 million inhabitants that means a fatality of between 1 and 4 million. One of the results was a severe shortage of manpower to work the fields and take care of the animals, something which lead to scarcity in food and eventually gave the workers more power. The plague was in reality the reason why the feudal society ceased to exist.
Whole villages and monasteries were laid waste, leaving only a handful of survivors, and sometimes none. It left parents without children, children without parents, it wiped out whole families. It was a time great sorrow and hardship for those that lived through the horrors of the plague and were left behind.
Darkness of Earth is the story of some of these survivors and what they experienced. Their stories are fictional, but are based on eyewitness information and what we know about the plague.

Darkness on Earth: Jain’s Story is the first volume in the series and will be available in Amazon in May 2015.

Excerpt from the novel

Once upon a time there was a small village, hidden away in the lush forest of England. Off the beaten path, and with nothing in particular to offer, there was far between the visitors. That suited the villagers just fine. They could live off what they grew on the fields, and now and then a tradesman would turn up with the goods they did not produce themselves. If they needed something else, they could go to the nearest town, half a day´s travel away.
Life was good in the village, it was peaceful. Babies were born, the old sickened and died, the seasons followed each other as they should. The villagers were not rich, but they had what they needed and they felt secure that life would go on as they knew it.
But they were wrong. As they were preparing for winter, a shadow was steadily approaching from the south, and where it travelled it left behind desolation, death and misery. And so the days passed, and nothing interrupted the quiet life in the village, until one day a traveller appeared.