Legend Falls


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Sisters Cass and Cali are left alone in the world when the only family they have, their mother, dies in a violent fire. Devastated and not knowing what to do, they are informed by their mother´s lawyer that their mother has left them some money, but there is one condition: They must leave within a week, and never return and they must go as far away as they are able to.

Having sold or given away what little they own, they leave the town the day after their mother´s funeral and set out for Legend Falls, a place they do not know, and have never heard of before. It is, however, a place that their mother had circled on and old map they found among her possessions, and for that reason they decide to go there.

The town of Legend Falls, population 18000, is located a few short miles from the Canadian border. Picture perfect, with old stone buildings, one large library, one high school, and a wide main street that cuts through the town from north to south, it is also intersected by the a river, which also through the town´s one main park. It seems like the perfect place to live, a place where the sisters can create a new life for themselves and gradually get over their tragic loss.

But when Cali is left in a coma after what may have been an intentional hit-and-run and Cass begins to feel that something is after her, she gradually begins to wonder what their mother´s connection to the town was. She sets out to find out more about their mother, and the town, but is soon caught in a race for time as she simultaneously fights to stay one step ahead of whomever or whatever it is that is after her.