When I started writing, and all the way until recently, I took it for granted that the first book I ever self-published would be a fiction book. I was wrong. I will definitely be publishing my first book later this week or early next week, but it will not be one of those I thought it would be. No, it will not be the first volume in The Legend Falls series, nor will it be the first in the series featuring Brother Ardwyn, a monk in Medieval England who finds that he has a skill in getting to the truth and unmasking a rutless killer when he finds himself exiled to an unfriendly island somtime around the 12th century. It could have been some of the short-stories stretching across the centuries from pre-Roman times til today, telling the stories of the different people that have one thing in common, the place that changed their lives completely. No, it will be neither of these.
Instead it will be a non-fiction book about Evernote for Writers. The simple reason for this is that as of right now, this is the one book I have finished which is ready (more or less, I am still not satisfied with the cover, and there is a last round of editing to do) for publication. The others are still in need of some work, but I will work toward publishing them as soon as I can as well, hopefully before this year is over.
But maybe it is a good thing that I am starting here, for the book is a direct result of working with Evernote and using it to plan and structure my own writing, as well as many other aspects of my life. In the time I have used this program I have found that it is invaluable to me as a writer in many ways. I use it to gather and save my research material, to outline my books, to store my ideas for future writing projects, to create my characters, just to mention some of the things I use it for.
True enough, there are many other books about Evernote out there, and a few that deal with how Evernote can help you if you are a writer. I ´ve read many of them, so I know. Many were good, none had exactly what I was looking for, or only skimmed the surface of the increasing number of ways in which I found uses for it in my writing. So I deided to write my own, for myself, as well as for others who are writers, and who may find this information useful. I hope it will help other writers get as much out of Evernote as I have.